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Top5 Tools needed for crochet


Crochet Hooks / Needle

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Crochet Hooks come with different sizes and materials such as Wood, Plastic, Aluminium, Bamboo and Steel. The sizes is assign by the diameter of the hook’s shaft. It create stitches of a certain size in order to reach a particular gauge specified in a given pattern. For preferred hooks to use are the Metal type. These hooks come with colours and it result to be smooth when u crochet.

For the Steel Hook rang in size are from 0.4 to 3.5 mm, for America sizing is from 00 to 16mm. This hooks size are used for fine crochet such as doilies and lace.

For Aluminium, Bamboo and Plastic Crochet hooks sizes are from 2.5 to 19mm, for America size is B to S.

Accurate Crochet needle and Knitting needle hook sizing is important for both crafts.


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For crochet yarn is usually sold as balls or skeins in crafts shop. Have store in different kind of small bundle can be small packets. Have labels that describes the details of the yarn, like the weight, length, dye lot, fibre content.

Also have Instruction of the yarn like can they be washed and what needle size to use, the gauge and many others. Have to look for it before you get to buy any of the yarn.

Might want to keep the yarn label/band for future reference. It good to refer back and you don’t have to remember like what is the yarn you are using.

Tips : what I did is I cut a short length of the yarn and tape it with the label. So that you will know what yarn you are using and refer back as and when you want.

Tapestry Needle

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Tapestry needle is use for sewing crochet or knitting items. Defiantly need it for sewing. especially when you do soft toy like, Amigurumi or others type of soft toy. Come with different sizes. Most prohbly you will need 3 needle size. Which is Small, Medium and large size.

Stitch lock Markers

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Stitch Markers Rings

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The purpose for this stitch lock is similar to stitch marker. To be clear can say it as Stitch Marker Rings. Stitch lock is the lock type which to prevent from dropping off from the stitches. The Stitch Marker Ring is just a round ring circle shape. You will need this for most of projects. Recommend to use the lock type which is much more better than the other ones.

In additional, there are still some other tools needed. Like the eyes, nose, buttons. Those are the small materials. But these material is optional. It depends on what products you do.

Like for Amigurumi, Booties, you will need craft eyes, nose and many others.

Products that won’t need much materials, like the Coaster. If you are making a Coaster, it much easier. It suitable for beginners. Is the best way to try out for your first step if you want to learn crochet.


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