How to Customize Your Phone Keyboard – For IPhones ^^

Hello! I would like to share with you how to customise your phone keyboard (for iphones)

Some of you out there will be like me thinking of wanted to customise phone to a nicer theme or whatsoever. It’s kind of bored when your phone cannot be customise compare to Samsung, iPhone will need to Jailbreak it to customise the theme etc. I guess a lot of you already aware of it.

I just try out and roughly explore this app which is for keyboard only for whatsapp and messages.

This app is call the “ Fancy Key Pro“. Here I will show you a guide on how to use it.

fancy key - design ur own keyboard pic 1fancy key - design ur own keyboard pic 3

  • Download ” Fancy Key Pro” From App Store
  • Click on ” Fancy”
  • Choose a Background
  • Choose a Button Style
  • Choose a Display Font

fancy key - design ur own keyboard pic 2

  • Choose a Tapping Effect
  • Choose a Swipe
  • Choose a Click Sound
  • Once done just ‘Save’

* When you have ads, just skip. If you are hang at the ads just press home button and go back again.

*Get to unlock 5 items daily!

If you want add own photos as keyboard background

  • Click on Photos
  • Choose your picture
  • Crop your picture
  • add effect (if you want)
  • Click ‘ Save’

Check out my video tutorial to guide you through :)!




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