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Klairs New Products By WishTrend

Hello fellow pals!

recently I’ve been using Klairs products and I really very satisfied with the products. I’m using Klairs Toner supplement, Vitamin C Serum and Wish trend Minimized pore moisturizer.

I will highly recommend the Toner, I have a post on the product , about my Daily Skincare routine .

Photo 4-5-17, 8 21 22 PM

I really like this toner cause it really have a very clear shine skin after putting one time or twice. You can slowly feel hydrating and smoothen skin. Non-irritating, super hydrating toner can be used for sensitive skin as well. Now they upgraded this product. If you are interested, do check out the link for more info about this product.

Second WishTrend product is the Serum, is a Vitamin C Serum.


This one I don’t use it every single day cause it’s a bit too strong for me due to my sensitive and dry skin. I normally use it 2-3 times a week. The image show before upgrade product. Now the latest is Vitamin C 21.5 .

Check out this video below! 🙂


Is a Mandelic Acid 5% Prep Water. If I not wrong can be consider as a exfoliator for skin, can be use daily. It gives you hydrating and non irritating skin. It contains Mandelic Acid, is a kind of treatment that helps sensitive skin and improves the skin tone and texture while boosting the effectiveness of other products. Check out the video below for a short guide and info 🙂

Check out Klairs by WishTrend Full Set Products link.


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