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Best Skin Care Products – Snail White


Hello Fellow Friends! I’m doing this post review about this product, Snail White skincare products. Product from Thailand, I bet a lot of you heard of it before. It a most popular product in Asia!

Snail White – Moisturizer


I’ve been to Bangkok, the price from Bangkok is around 950baht for the Moisturizer itself which is about $38 SGD. The most cheaper is about 900baht.

I personally haven’t try it yet cause I’m currently using another product. According to what I saw on the review, it seems a good product and a lot of people actually recommend it. If you like this product and buy and try it yourself. Or if you are going Bangkok for holidays, just get it! Like YOLO!

Snail White Body Wash

Snail White Body Wash have a few effectiveness like:

Anti Aging – helps reduce wrinkles and reveal firm and younger skin.

Deep Moisture – help maintain long lasting moisture and soften your skin.

Natural White – Brightening and reveal naturally illuminated skin.

I’ve try this Body Wash, at first I thought it will be sticky cause its Snail product and the result came out to be fine for me. It not as sticky as I thought 😂. It’s nice and helps smoothen your skin too!

Snail White Body Booster

With this Booster, it’s help you restore whitening, smoothen your skin with anti oxidant and reduce wrinkle from your skin to prevent skin pollution.

Check out this short video about the product.

Snail White Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important step in skincare. For snail white sunscreen it contains SPA 50 + / PA ++++

Is another new product, this ultra lightweight with texture oil Free, can be use daily in high protection UVA /UVB rays

 It also helps to prevent dark spot, premature skin aging and with layer protection for skin to have a brighter and younger skin.


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