More Affordable Perfume Compare to Most of the Shopping Malls

new addition

Looking for Perfume at a affordable price ? Most of the perfume are expensive and when you want to get something with nice smell and suit, but just because of the price can’t afford to get it. Here is where to get cheap and affordable perfumes.

Mustafa Centre

Yes! Recently I just found out that Mustafa do sell a lot of stuff and it’s all quite cheap and most importantly they are mostly AFFORDABLE item . I bet a lot of people want to get cheap perfume with their own favourite brand. But no one wants to buy perfume with super expensive price when you can easily get a affordable ones. Is like you are buying the brand. Some is just too over price. After all is just a perfume 🙂

Mustafa do sell a lot of perfume but some of the brand which I can’t find it there like Dior, Chanel and some others which is too pricey brand I guess. But if you are looking for cheaper ones, here is the right place which i recently found out. I’ve heard alot of people talking about Mustafa Centre sells alot of cheap stuffs. When i went there i was like ” wow.” Haha! Really mostly everything they sell. They have a 8 storey high with different section. Below is the floor plan link.

Mustafa Centre Floor Plan

I’ve brought a YSL perfume. Price around $90. Retail price from original store is about $100+. And nothing better to compare. Because from the bottle, smell and all is totally the same. We were so sasticfied with the product and most important is with the cheaper price you can get a branded perfume. Is so worth it!

Head down to Mustafa Centre for some shopping! No crowded on weekend!

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704, Little India


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