UrbanDe.Fine: Where to find Simple and Affordable Briefcase at a Budget Price


Looking for a briefcase with affordable price? Simple and not to bulky..?

Well, recently we keep looking for a briefcase which is simple and not too bulky for work. We’ve been searching most of the shopping malls like Istena, BHG etc. apparently they don’t have what we wanted and most of it are too bulky and not really nice designs with a expensive price. But if you are looking for normal and your expectation is not  high, you may consider to get it from those malls.

As for us we are quite budget and we want to find a simple design with not too complicated style. Most important is can use very long.


We found this shop that have what we needed and it’s totally perfect for us.

This made from real leather, and simple deigns with two front clip buttons. With a zip at the back and a top handle, come with sling strip. As and when you can just use it as shoulder sling bag or can use handle when you use it for work like formal company. Most of the office with formal dress code will need this I bet. But this is not really important cause you can bring sling bag or backpack bag for the starting beginning of your work day and can buy it mostly after first pay!

So if you are not really into branded and if you are looking for better quality with a affordable price, this is the best shop to get it.


Shop Name: Urban DE.Fine

Price: $199.90


Marina Square #02-179, 6 Raffles Blvd, S039594

Orchard Gateway #02-03, 277 Orchard Road, S238858

Westgate #02-41, 3 Gateway Drive, S608532




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