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Animal Crossing Mobile – What is Leaf Tickets & Timed / Stretch Goals

What is Leaf Tickets Use for?

What exactly is leaf ticket use for? Leaf ticket are use to speed up the things you need. Whenever if you are urgent in getting something done, you can use the leaf tickets.

How to get leaf Tickets?

So how to get leaf tickets, you can help to complete quest to get leaf tickets. This is one of the method to do. Well, not so bad uh? 🙂 Once you become a campsite manager, you will get 10 leaf tickets! And! guess what! If you link to Nintendo account! You will get 100 LEAF TICKETS! (OMG! So is it necessary to connect it ? ) Ha Ha ! Is all up to your decision!

Timed and Stretch Goals



For this Timed goals and stretch goals is simply for you to complete those quest that has time limit, be sure to go back and check on it before it’s gone! For Stretch goals, you can clear it anytime I guess!  You get to earn bells, craft materials items and much more for completing the quest. Just click on the “Isabelle” Icon on the right.

MORE TO UPDATE! I Still playing and exploring the game! Do stay tuned for updates!

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