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Nintendo Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Out on Mobile!

Hello! All Pals!

Animal Crossing is on Mobile!

Fans of Animals Crossing! Here is another game on Animal Crossing for mobile IOS & Android. This version is “Pocket Camp”.

Welcome to another busy life at the campsite! Do all sorts of nature like fishing, Catching of bugs and grab some fruits! Relaxed at your own camping atmosphere with your animals friends! Design your campsite with your favourite furniture outdoors and indoors.


I kind of love this game, cause I am a animal lover! When I see all the animal in the game I feel so happy 😂. How I wish humans are better then animals 😅. (kidding)

Secondly is their graphic are quite good and mostly are cute! I super love all the characters! Now they are out on mobile, when I look into the game graphic is the best! Is what I wanted and will get tempted to play all the way! Sounds cool uh? 😂


And so glad that the game is free to play! Will explain what is leaf ticket as I go through the game!


You can also link to your DS device to play the game! Click on the second tab ” what’s a Nintendo account”.


Get to customize your eyes and hair with your favourite colors and cute hair style and even eye colors! Well, on the DS version you can’t really customize it. But when you are in the game, you will get to change ur hair style. Customizing is fun! Pick your favourite hair colour, eyes shape and colours too. Change it anytime you want!


Remember Isabelle is the mayor ? Yes is still her! She will guide you through the game and explain what you have to do! You can create a name that will be show in your game profile so that other people can see you and visit you also! You will be assign as a manager of the campsite! With a simple job just to decorate your own campsite and invite animals!

You also can choose your campsite theme! Like Cute, Cool ? choose the one you will like it. But no matter which theme you choose you will get the same new item unlock item on the way you go! Sounds cool! This is goanna be so much fun!

Make friends and visit other people from the map! Is very similar to DS version!


On the way you go, you got request to go through. fulfilled each other needs to unlock new items, get rewarded too!


This is your very first request that you will be going through base on the theme you choose. My theme is ‘Cool’. So I met this eagle animal! * SO CUTE! Just like a little birdy.


Once you fulfilled their request, Enjoy the fruits together and bond your friendship as you go!


There are few quest to complete! Depend on which theme you choose! Each theme represent one animal. complete their quest and you get rewarded! That’s easy! Finish up the tutorial and you are free to go on your own! Each time you complete a quest, level up, bonding of friendships you will get rewards.


Get to meet Reese and Cyrus! They are the owner of their own shop where you can get furniture and pre make furniture for your home decorations!


The first item to craft is a sofa (Part from the Tutorial guide). Once you done, you can choose to make your own choice of furniture.To fulfilled other needs!


After the short introduction, Little Mayor will get you all setup and you are good to go for your free time! Follow accordingly as you go soon you can start your game!

The end of my review! To download this game, Click on the link ” Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Stay tune for my updates on the game guide!

Happy Gaming!

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