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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – Options to use for the Game

Hello Pals ! Welcome to Animal Crossing Mobile on Option guide! To guide you through the game and what are the option about!


At the bottom right, there is a icon shows “more option”. Inside this type you will see a few more tab icon which I goanna explain what is it use for and how to use it. Also have shortcut icon at the right side.


Notice :

For this tab is all the news updates, you can browse through for any new things daily! Also have shortcut icon at the right side.


Mailbox :

Collect all your rewards here. So far for starting is only meant to collect rewards. Also have shortcut icon at the right side.


Market Box :

You can list or sell item that you’ve collected to make money! Just click on the box, select the item you want to put in the box! If someone buys it you earn some bells! Do also visit other peoples Market box, they might have something you need too! Also have shortcut icon at the right side.

Goals :

There are 2 types of Goals. Timed goal and Stretch goal. Timed goals are probably goals with time limit to complete them. As for the Stretch goal are all sort of different things to complete or fulfilled others with what they need. May refer to my post on Timed Goals & Stretch Goals. Also have shortcut icon at the right side.


Loans :

Loans are mainly for upgrading your camper. You can design or expand it whenever you want it. Just to make sure you have enough bells to pay or you can pay by instalment. To prevent getting broke. But do remember to pay it once you earn the money! You can use it anytime and get to set your own terms too!


Catalogue :

In this catalogue you can view all the furniture. Some may need certain level to craft it, some might need to wait till you have a request from friends to unlock it and use it. And some also need to add animals as friend in order to unlock the item which they like. I will guide on this further Soon!

Friends :

From this friends tab, just click in and add friend! Get your friend ID (numbers), or send a friend request by visit locations from the map. Will automatically have people who is there to add!

Click on them and make friends, a request will send to them!

Leaf Tickets :

You can buy more leaf tickets using real money. If you are out of leaf tickets, you can choose to buy it or do up quest. Look through your daily goals and you can earn leaf tickets.

Leaf Tickets Purchase are from $2.98 – $58.98. Do take note of the purchase transaction for safety payment made.


Crafts :

Meet Reese the furniture crafter. He craft all sort of furniture for every one! Some furniture may have time limit to finish it, this is where you can use leaf tickets to speed up your item! Once the item is done, go in to craft tab and collect it! Can be use straight away. Time to design your own room / space ! To arrange furniture, check out my post on ” How to Arrange furniture”.


Maps :

Explore the map and get to meet animals who need a little helping hand , visit them whenever you are free and help them with their needs.

Each places contains different things to do ! There is an little icon on the top of each recreational spots.

Sunburst Island (Dog icon ): Collect lots of different fruits ! If you have any fruits request to complete , can get there and collect the fruits !

Saltwater Shores (Bird icon) : Collect lots of different shells and fishing too! Fulfilled other friends needs!

Lost Lure Creek (Bear icon) : Collect lots of different bugs, like butterflies and many more! Click on anyone to raise friendship, invite them to your campsite!

Breezy Hollow (Cat icon) : Catch lots of different fishes! Throw a net to catch more at one time! Fulfilled others friends quest!

Shove strike Quarry : In here you can mine lots of gold nuggets, minerals and some craft material and many more to help up little Lloid!

– OK Motors (Red bird icon) : talk to Giovanni to customize your camp van! With any colours or design you like for the first time is free! If you want to upgrade, feel free to talk to Giovanni.

Market Place : Meet Kicks that sell shoes ! Tommy the furniture seller and Mabel sell appeals ! Come back anytime, they will change to different seller every time you visit here! So visit often!


Contacts : 

You can add more friends from your friends list, For starting you will meet some animals friends when you travel around. They will appear new animal friends when you get level up. You can also invite them to your campsite. See through your maps for different locations. To bond and level up your friendship. For friends that you add, you can click on anyone of them , get to their campsite to give them Kudos!

* will be added in new animals friends when you get level up each time.

* Humans friend is where you can add them when you visit any recreational point

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