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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp -How to Invite/Host Animals Friends to your Campsite

Making friends is so much fun! Especially surrounded with animals friends! Once you have your campsite ready, you can start to invite friends to visit your campsite!

Invite and host animal to your campsite is similar action to do. Purpose is to complete your stretch goals.


Go to Contact tab, read the profile on their special request. Find them by “Open Map” tab. Raise your friendship with them to the required level by talking and fulfilled their request.


While you raising friendship, you may start to craft items from their requested furniture list.


if you want to craft multiple item, have to buy a space for 80 leaf ticket.

Note: Completion time may depends on the item.


Once you complete the requested furniture, a ” Invite me” icon will appear on the top on the animals tab under contact.


Click in and select ” Invite to Campsite (Auto Arrange)”. or you can choose “Self Arrange” once you are ready to welcome them.



Note: You only can invite to a Maximum of 8 animals friends to your campsite. If your campsite turn’s out to be full, Click on the “Cat” Icon on the right side of your campsite (must be at your campsite). 

Select any animals friend, and “Send home”

* you can always invite them back anytime!


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