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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Mobile – Timed Goals

Here is the Timed Goals list. With time limit to complete them, Do remember to check back anytime before it’s gone! They will keep having new Time Goals added in. All with a time limit.

  • Give Kudos to another player at his or her campsite (rewards: Friend Powder)


Visit your friend from your friend list and click “visit”!


Once you are at your friend campsite, talk to him/her. And click ” Give kudos”!

*Remember you can only give one time! Maybe come back visit another day and you can give again!.

And! You complete a Time goal! 😃


  • Olive Flounder collecting! Get 3 of them (rewards: Paper) – Go to the fishing spot and catch some fishes!
  • Fruits beetle collecting, Get 9 of them (rewards: Steel) – Head to Sunburst Island to catch them all!
  • Coconut collecting! Get 6 of them. (Rewards: 6 x Paper) – Head to Sunburst Island to Harvest them all!
  • Squid collecting! Get 15 of them. (Rewards: 1 x Natural Essence) – This want is tough. Not as easy to get but try your luck! Head to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek.


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