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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Christmas Season Game Updates

Animal Crossing Christmas Season Edition!

Christmas season is here! Let’s celebrate Christmas with our little animal friends on Animal Crossing!

Do check the notices for more information guide.


Christmas event Opening! Notices on this event. Is limited event items to unlock with full of joy!


New Time Goal added in! Previously is only 3 sets but now you have more goals to complete! This time is more focus on complete request as many as you can! Stay tuned for my updates on the Time Goals!


Other than time goals they also add a few Xmas edition collection of furniture into craft! But you have to complete request :

  • In order to get Candy Cane for crafting the item. It’s limited edition! Well, I will try!
  • Collect enough Candy Cane to craft special holiday furniture!
  • Complete Time Goals to unlock some Holiday Clothing too!

Holiday furniture Include:

  • Festive Bow tree
  • Three Ball Snowman
  • Jingle Fence and many more!

Holiday Clothing Include:

  • Santa Hat
  • Santa Coat
  • Santa Skirt
  • Santa Pants
  • Santa Boots

Event Schedule Start and End:

From 30/11/17 @ 2 PM, Ends on  26/12/17 @1:59 PM

Visit Shovel strike Quarry and you can collect Candy Canes when you enter! Don’t miss it! If you collect enough you can use it to craft Holiday furniture.

Furniture that you craft will be available if the events end. Earn Candy Canes as many as you can and craft your favorite Holiday furniture as much as you want!

Stay tuned for my updates!

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