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Hand Sewing Craft : Guide for Beginner – Hand Sewing Needles

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Hello Fellow Friends ! Here is a post on Hand Sewing, Let’s study a bit about the Needles. I’m quite confuse on what needle should I use for my hand sewing projects. I’ve do some research and there are really quite a few things that you need to know for hand sewing for beginners. These are the basic things that you have to know and so that you can easily know what to use for your projects and won’t get frustrated over what to use.

Hand Sewing Needles have particular type in themselves. They are mainly for general hand sewing like sewing a miniature clothing, pencil case etc.

About the Needles:



The eye:

The eye of the needle is where you pass through needle threads and come with varies size and shape. Depend on what needle you are using, they have for embroidery which look longer, has larger eyesthan hand sewing needles cause they are meant for using wider thread.

The Shaft:

This is so called the body of the needle, come with different sizes and length for types of needle.

The Tip:

The Tip is where the sharp point is. Is important because it works on different type of fabrics that’s gives you different result with holes that match with them. So you need to choose the correct ones that match your fabrics. Test it on the fabric, if goes thru the fabric easier, use that.

It’s best to get a Sewing Kit Set for Beginner like maybe a small set that comes with the most important material like Thread, Needles, Needle cap, Buttons, measuring tape, scissors. Is still best to get a kit cause you can just easily get the material out and convenient to use!

Recently, I just did a few small projects. Just for my own practice. Check out my post if you interested.

More post on projects coming up soon! Stay Tune !

Happy Sewing!

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