Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Updates! How to start Gardening at Your Campsite

New Updates from Animal Crossing recently around December! The game had added a garden just beside your campsite. You can visit anytime and start to do your planting of different flowers around you.

Let’s Update the game and get started!
Head to the garden where you can see Isabelle standing there waiting for you.


Go thru a short tutorial with Lloid !

A few option to choose from when you start planting and Lloid is always there to help.

Lloid will help on :

FertilizeFertilize is available when you start to plant seeds in the plot given. Note that when your seed grown in to flower don’t need to use fertilize.

CaptureNot available yet.

Order Seeds – Order seeds from Lloid and you can start your planting harvest!

Seeds available are Red Pansy, Yellow Pansy, Red Tulip, Orange Tulip. For the starting is just this few, I bet there are more to go! Just keep planting and use X-Pollinate, you can get new flower seeds as you go!


Flower Trade – They have two option for flower trade, one is the Seasonal and the Standard ones. The interesting part is if you can get those special type of flowers as you go, you can trade Flora items like furniture, Clothing, Fences and even Teddy Bear wearing flora clothes! Try to use X – Pollinate on your plant and it will turn out some rare flowers seeds.


After planting, you can choose to Harvest or X- Pollinate. You can harvest and trade in with Lloid or you can sell it for some bells.


Planting : Select a plot, place the seeds and let it grow. If you want to speed up the flower go ahead and use fertilize or the flower food from Lloid.

Fertilizing Service -Lloid have fertilizing service for 1 Leaf Tickets, what is so special about this because he is using his homemade flower food to speed up and the growth time will be 1 hour.

Flower Food – Flower Food will growth by 30 minutes!


How to Water your Plant

To water your plant is easy! Just have to wait for the soil to dry which you will see lighten colour of your soil. (picture shown above)

Just select the plant with the lighten soil colour, a water can will appear to show that it’s time to water your plant!


You can also visit friends garden and try your luck to get rare flower! Increase friendship bonding too!

Happy Gardening!

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