Hand Sewing Project – How to sew a Barbie Skater dress

Howdy People! Recently I have done some small projects. To practice my skills on my sewing too! I realise sewing do have technique and sometimes you will get frustrated when you never get to sew properly or get stuck on thread, Argh. That’s really makes me pissed sometimes when you don’t have the skill on sewing.

This sewing hobby inspired me to sew some Barbie craft like clothing and accessories. They are kind of adorable and it really attracts me on sewing Barbie Crafts. I started sewing Shirts, Dresses etc. With the guide of some tutorial from You Tubers I made this Skater Dress.


I use a cotton Fabric which says 100% Cotton. But I not very sure what type of cotton. Cause maybe there are a few type of cotton to choose from but I just bought this at one of the department store.

This store do have Pre- Cut Fabric which is quite convenient to get. For small project I can suggest the Pre Cut is the good idea to get in a cheaper price. I brought this fabric at 1 Metre about $4.50SGD.

Here is how I sew this dress (:


You have to measure the size of the doll, the Waist, Chest, Bust. Write it down on a piece of paper. So that you get to know daftly the size of the Barbie for your own reference.

Another easiest way is to wrap around your Barbie with the fabric and cut out the size. It will look like a rectangle shape.


I use needle to mark out so that the seam line will stay and also easy to sew on. You can also use an iron to stay the line.

The only thing to take note is, every time when you draw out a template remember to leave some extra gap for the seam allowance.


I also did this sweet pink romper. Still need some improvement in it but for the first time I feel okay with the art piece. It’s a bit hard to explain the whole process but not to worry, you can check out YouTube Tutorial from others if you are interested in making Barbie craft or even for yourself. For now I don’t have any video tutorial for this but I will try to make one sooner or later! (:

I’m still doing more practice on making Barbie clothing and will update new post when I’m done with my project! Stay tuned and support me!

Do give me some advise or feel free to comment (:


If you are looking for Sewing kit, check out the link below!

Candora Sewing Thread Assortment Coil 30 Color 250 Yards Each Polyester Thread Sewing Kit All Purpose Polyester Thread for Hand and Machine Sewing

Singer Assorted Hand Needles in Compact, 25-Count

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