Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : NEW UPDATE – Gardening Safari Event 2018

New Event available now! New updates is up and they’ve added a Gardening Safari event!

This event is to capture rare creatures and  you can earn a variety of rewards! like:

Diamond butterfly or Topaz butterfly, even Winter butterfly and Gold winter butterfly! How cool! I wonder do real life have this kind of butterflies?

It’s fun to really be in the nature and do some exploring. I bet you also can find rare creatures around

For special seasonal plants are Blue Dahlias and Red Dahlias. At the moment only Blue Dahlias.

Request completed for Rover – You will have Red & Blue Dahlia Seeds as rewards for helping Rover catching butterflies from the short tutorial.

For Doing this Gardening event can Complete your Timed Goal on Catching Rare Creatures

Here is how it’s works:

Head to your garden

Tap on any flower bed


Plant a Blue Dahlias Seed (Note: For the first time planting this seed will bloom within 4-5 seconds, The flower seed is under Seasonal Tab when you your items.) – waiting time is 3 hours.

When it bloom to flower, you will see butterflies straight away.


Tap on the flower, select ” Capture” to catch the butterfly.

*For Red Dahlia flowers will bloom out with Topaz rare butterflies which is quite challenging to catch that. Have to keep trying!

And you are done!


Do check out the list of butterflies that Rover want you to help! Can check out on the rewards that you will get.

You can also check out your friends garden for helping them to water their plant and share butterflies on their flowers! You will also get rewards too! When you share butterflies, you will get rewards from Rover!

Check on this request that you’ve cleared so that you will know what you’ve cleared. Hope this post helps you! I’ve made a video gameplay! will be posted up and update soon!

Do check out my YouTube Channel!

Happy Gardening!

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