Hand Sewing Project: Use Socks to make Barbie Top and Beanie

Hidey-Ho! Here is my another project done by myself. I decide to try out using different material to do the sewing and I use socks this time to do up Barbie clothing. And I try out to make this sleeveless top.

At first when I know that socks actually can do clothing, cause is like stretchy material type. like if you were to buy a stretchy fabric and end up you got cock up and that would be a waste. So I try out on socks first and it’s even cheaper if you can make use of it. I bought it for just $2/pair. You can also find it at any department store at your local destination.


I use the sock body to cut out the doll body size. I didn’t sew much for this, I only sew the shoulder sleeve. it turns out perfect!

Tips: Just pick a simple socks designs will do. It will be easier to cut out and the design can be seen.


There are a few type of socks material, like the thick ones etc. Just get the thin type of material so that will be easier to sew on. If you are using a sewing machine, I think it should be okay with it. You can do a testing first before you sew everything up. Cause I didn’t get to try sewing on machine yet.

For the Beanie, I use the end of the sock which is the toe side when you wear on it. I fold up the bottom area and I only sew the back. Apparently the circular shape is too big so I cut behind one line and adjust the size to the Barbie head size. Last is sew it a bit and you are good to go!


Check out this tools if you are looking for one for your started kit

– Sewing Kit Set

Sewing Needle Set

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