Understand Tools that Commonly used for Sewing, What to get for Beginner Sewing

Hello! I’m sharing this post of what material that commonly used for sewing projects. Mainly for small project like small wallet or zip pouch.

I found sewing quite fun and it’s really interest me since I first start. It’s hard to be very consistent in just one hobby, need to have a lot of focus and really into it.

So, I’ve been searching for some videos tutorials and reading some guide from web. As for my experience I daftly know a bit of things like materials to use but still need to work it out. Here I’m sharing what I use for my projects.


I bought this buttons at my local shop, this button I feel it’s suitable for small project. They come with different sizes. So you can actually sees which sizes is for what project so it matches. They are 2 colours, one is silver and black. This brand was my granny used for last time when she were sewing some clothes. It’s like a pin button, easy to pin and used too!

The most common ones, can be done for practicing too. Is a 15 Colors Buttons 0.88” (22.5mm) Sewing Button Multi Colored Pack of 105 with Box ( Each Color 7 Pcs), this is the very normal type of buttons. Best to use for practicing.



I also brought some Pre cut fabric at my nearest craft shop. I’m doing some most of the small project so I buy small amount of fabric for practicing. I bought a few at $4-$5 (SGD) for Iike 45cm estimate. Normally for 1 yard is about $6 onwards or even less then $6 or more than. Depends on the material itself. Some is depends on the designs, some is by the material. Don’t have to be real cotton if you are buying cotton fabric, cause real cotton can be quite costly. For practicing small project, I would suggest normal cotton fabric will do.

For needle I did bought this Singer Assorted Craft Needles in Compact, 25-Count. This come with a few sizes in one set, 25 pieces and you can just try and use which needle size is suit for which fabric types. This is super good cause you don’t have to buy so many different type of needle, this one comes all in 1 go.

There is also another type of needles, which is make your work easier. CJESLNA 30pcs Assorted Hand Sewing Needles Embroidery Mending Craft Quilt Sew Case. This one comes with 30 pieces. The top of the needle is gold colour as you can see from the picture. I personally like this needle cause it’s makes my work easier. It’s different from the normal ones which is like you have to go through the hole when you want to insert the thread, but this one is just go on top of the needle and just slot in. Highly recommended!

I found it quite difficult to cut fabric using scissor as the side will go slated and not accurate which makes the piece turn out to be not as nice. I bought a fabric cutter, OLFA 45 mm High-quality tungsten steel Ergonomic Rotary Cutter & 45mm Rotary Blade Refill, 1-Pack Value Set. This is a roller type of cutter which is much easier to cut the fabric out with just one time straight.

Next comes to the most important use for sewing, which is the Thread. Candora Sewing Thread Assortment Coil 30 Colour 250 Yards Each Polyester Thread  for Hand and Machine Sewing. You can choose the colours which matches your fabric before you buy any. Or you can just get a 30 colours set, Polyester thread on a go if you have familiar with sewing and ready to do your projects on hand! As you can see from the image, this is a thin round stand type of thread. Also one more type is for the sewing machine. I can’t see what’s the difference between sewing machine and hand sewing thread, it’s just looks all the same to me. Only thing I found out is for sewing machine there is a hole in the middle of the thread to stand on the machine. Other then that is all the same. It’s doesn’t matter what material you use to sew for the thread. Normally people will just use polyester. If you want something better ones like if you are looking for cotton thread, go ahead and get the cotton ones. For now I will just stick to Polyester thread with cotton fabrics.

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