Animal Crossing Pocket Camp NEW UPDATE COMING SOON! – Sneak Peek!! New Features Coming Up!



Hello! Here are some of the new features coming up real soon! Animal Crossing is doing great and always keep the game up to date, more and more new things to explore, use and fun! Make your animal friends now!img_1509

One rug is too boring? Soon you will be able to put more rugs for your campsite decorating! and do remember to craft more rugs and ready to put out and show off to your friends!


Customize your terrain selected area at your campsite! Not very sure how it works but! stay tune for the updates and try it yourself. 🙂


Most exciting part is apparel crafting! Now the new Clothes craft is here! You can start to craft nice clothing for your pal! Check out the new clothing craft here!

When you talk to your animal friends and get level up to 7, you will get the clothes on what they are wearing as a gift! Dresses, T Shirts, Sweater and many more!

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