Sims Mobile: Weekly Stickers Contest Theme


Here is a contest theme which held weekly for you to earn rewards and socialize.

What does this actually means is, if you hang out at the parties and you found someone who can be your friend and you really like their style, give them a sticker to show what you feel about them! And if they like you they will send back to you too! This weekly stickers can earn you some rewards too!


Just have to keep remember that when you socialize with a Sims, there is an icon Stickers at the bottom pop up. There are 3 types Cool, Fabulous and Classy showing pink rabbit icon. This will also appear in the daily quest/To do list too. So once you complete the task you will get rewards! You will know how many stickers you on the next day.

How to use Stickers: (refer to the image shown above)

Chat with someone which you think refer to the stickers, Cool, Fabulous or Classy. Choose any of it when it pop ups while you chat with the person.


The weekly sticker contest will held weekly, Just have to get dressed up before you enter a party. Socialized with other Sims and people will noticed you and you will get stickers! Not only at Parties, when you start event or chat with people around you too!Get to earn rewards based on how many stickers you received. The counts will reset every week, just log in to collect your rewards. Easy Right! Now enjoy your game!


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