About Me

About Me

Hello !

Welcome to Msbloggies! 

My little space to share what i’ve been loved to do in my life.

My name is Shirlene, Xuanxuan is my nickname :). i started my blog in 2017.
I do crafts, draw and ARTS is totally my thing. I just started sewing in 2017, and i also do crochet, knitting, all sorts of crafts which i have learn, and I would love to shared with people who love crafts too! 

If you like my post or my blog, feel free to subscribe or like or even share for me, i will be greatful to hear your feedback or advise!

I will be blogging about Sewing, Crafts like crochet, knitting, Pets! I’m a dog lover. lastly is travel! Everyone’s love travels! 
I super love too! Travel around the world is so much fun! But i’m not much a travller , but will share with you what i’ve experience and definetly some guides too!

Lastly, I would like to tell you guys I will be starting on my little shop online portion to my blog. Coming Soon! Sadly is only to locals. Hope you guys can check it out!

Yay! So that’s what i love to do in my life i hope you have your support too!

See you around! 😉


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