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5 Painting Essential Kit You Need for Painting Beginner

As a beginner for painting, the most frustrated thing to think of is what kind of brush should I get? Or how should I start with? Where to get the material with Budget price?

Let’s me share with you what I’ve experience.

Sometimes beginners may not know how does painting work or how to start . Especially for self learner. As for me I self learn drawing for myself as I love drawing and arts since I young. But now I’m moving on to painting. Just because I’ve interest in it and I want to try out myself.

What I did was:

– I watch thru video tutorials from other people first. Get to know what painting like, and understand how it works before getting materials. Because it’s Goanna be pricey for some material and if you don’t know what material you need , you goanna put a waste to it.

– You can also borrow books from library, or get online courses if you are not confident yet. Cause I myself also don’t have much confident too. It takes time to learn to get use to it. Feel free to go for classes, it really up to you. To me I just prefer to learn myself. ^^

So now you know some of my tips, let’s move on to the materials that you need to get for beginner painting! Here are the 5 essential kit needed for a painting beginner.

Sketch Pad

Sketch Pad is the first thing that I would buy, as for beginner you need to learn and get use to paint and practice on draft paper first before you move to actual painting on canvas. So get your own drawing block, draft and practice your skills first before you spend more money on the actual material.

Watercolour paint

For beginner, I would suggest to learn from watercolour paint if you just started. Cause I feel for watercolour is quite easy to learn and paint. I mean to me, this is one of the basic that we need to learn and understand before we move on to another step. But of cause the most basic step is to learn how to draw with pencil first. That is the very beginner step of an artist. If you know how to draw, everything shouldn’t be a problem. Just have to go with the basic step to start of with. If you feel comfortable with drawing, next step you can move on with painting with watercolour.

Watercolour are quite expensive if you are looking at brand. But normal like for 12 or 16 colours, but for 24 or 36 colours will be slightly expensive.

Paint palette

This is another tool that you need to have if you want to learn painting of cause. Some paint set come with a palette, so you don’t have to get another one. But palette are quite affordable. You can choose to get a separate one if you want too. This is optional to get if you are good to go with the set one, would be good to use for practice.


Easel have a few types like table easel or the Normal with stand. As for me I would prefer to get a table easel for starting and if you are really into painting, would be a good choice. Is affordable and I think is worth as a beginner painter. For the Normal ones, will be very pricey and usually people can’t afford it. But is okay to stick with the table ones. You can just save up the money and get one anytime once you get use to it.

Usually the easel are made of wood, I would recommend to get the wooden ones cause I find it more stable? And now there are also metal ones. which is more cheaper but I guess is still worth the buy.


Brushes comes in lots of  different shapes and sizes. If you want to know more about brushes before you proceed your purchase, check out my post on “Understanding your Tools : Paint brush“.

Brushes will depends on how you want to do your art work, large or small painting. As for beginner I would suggest to get few sizes or you can go with what suites you best. Round pointed brushes is best, around size 3, medium 5-6, and large size 12.

I would recommend to get better quality ones, cause the cheaper ones not really good to use and the hair will keep drop off after using awhile. Sometimes, they do sell those with one set one at those small stationery shops, especially when they keep it for long time and the brush is like are quite bad quality.

You can get those that have sample and touchable ones. So that you can feel the brush and know what size you need.

Hope this post helps you get your right tools for beginner painting! This guide is base on what I experience, and I would like to share with all the beginner art lovers. Share with me yours too! ^^


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